Subtree (FREE)

  • Used when there are nested repositories.
  • Not recommended when the amount of dependencies is too large.
  • For these cases we need a dependency control system.
  • Command are painfully long so aliases are necessary.

Subtree Aliases

  • Add: git subtree add --prefix <target-folder> <url> <branch> --squash
  • Pull: git subtree pull --prefix <target-folder> <url> <branch> --squash
  • Push: git subtree add --prefix <target-folder> <url> <branch>
  • Ex: git config alias.sbp 'subtree pull --prefix st / master --squash'
  # Add an alias
  # Add
  git config alias.sba 'subtree add --prefix st / master --squash'
  # Pull
  git config alias.sbpl 'subtree pull --prefix st / master --squash'
  # Push
  git config alias.sbph 'subtree push --prefix st / master'

  # Adding this subtree adds a st dir with a readme
  git sba
  vi st/
  # Edit file
  git status shows differences
  # Adding, or committing won't change the sub repo at remote
  # even if we push
  git add -A
  git commit -m "Adding to subtree readme"

  # Push to subtree repo
  git sbph
  # now we can check our remote sub repo